Holmes And Watson Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think


Granted, it’s only 12 reviews. The movie didn’t press screen, prompting critics to drag themselves to theaters over the holiday to see if Will Ferrell as the legendary detective and John C. Reilly as his trusted partner could generate some laughs. Well, they didn’t. The reviews have been savage, with Ben Kenigsberg of the New York Times writing:
The consensus on the whodunit appears to be that it coasts for a little while on the chemistry of the two men, who have appeared together in memorable comedies like Step-Brothers and Talladega Nights. However, without Adam McKay at the helm, the guys have to carry too much of the load, and THR writes:
Yeah, safe to say a few critics really took this movie to task just because it made them head to the theaters over the holiday. Can’t say I blame them. But the movie also lacked any real reason to be excited about actually seeing the comedy. In the IndieWire review, David Ehrlich states:
Basically, stay away. Holmes & Watson doesn’t work. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly certainly will work again. Probably even together. But this comedy hopefully taught them that they need to do more than just slide into the period costumes of two famous characters to make audiences laugh.
Did you see Holmes & Watson this week? Are the critics wrong? If you dug it, weigh below and let us know YOUR review of the new movie.

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