Jason Momoa Talks Filming In The Freezing Cold For Aquaman


It’s a well-known fact that working on superhero movies can be a little over-the-top, given CGI sequences, tight costumes and more. As Aquaman, Jason Momoa knew he’d have to spend some time in water, specifically in cold water in Iceland during the film’s months shooting. But knowing something was coming and actually accomplishing it are two different things. The actor recently revealed what happened when he filmed in freezing cold water for the upcoming Aquaman film:
Doesn’t everything boil back to a fart joke? While speaking on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, Jason Momoa started talking about getting into the cold water with only a thin wetsuit to back him up. At first, the actor thought the bubbles forming due to the wetsuit was just amusing, but then he made a huge mistake: adjusting the wetsuit. According to Momoa,
The camera’s right there and I started giggling because of the bubbles, and then I opened it up to let the air out and then all the cold came in. So my reactions was [giggling then startled]. Many emotions went through me.
Jason Momoa also iterated how cold it was over and over, although Graham Norton amusingly told the actor that he “looked relaxed.”
You can take a look at the rest of the appearance, below, in which Jason Momoa also talks about his Aquaman tattoos and how they are based on real tattoos he already has on his person. Take a look.
Jason Momoa has previously talked about being uncomfortable on set whilst playing Aquaman. At the time, he joked that getting in and out of Arthur Curry’s superhero suit caused some problems in the bathroom department, although he later stated that was all a joke and the suit was fine. It was the wetsuit that apparently caused some real troubles.
Having said this, we all know how uncomfortable superhero suits can be on occasion, especially when they are tight. Stephen Amell, of DC’s TV universe, recently experienced this when he had to throw on Grant Gustin’s tight costume for The Flash. We’ll get to see how Jason Momoa looks in Aquaman’s classic duds when the movie officially hits the schedule on December 21.

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