Watching Rappers Try To Save A Puppy In VR Is Even Funnier Than You Think


YouTube outlet 88rising posted the five and a half minute video on its YouTube Channel featuring some fairly well-known rappers attempting to try their hand at VR. It starts with introducing the rappers to some VR shenanigans, including Smokepurpp, Nef The Pharaoh, PNB Rock, Curren$y, Buddy, Fat Nick, Famous Dex, Wifi8Funeral, YBN Nahmir, and Saint JHN. It takes a while to get going, but as the video propels forward we begin to see how things take an interesting turn. In fact, at one point the rappers are plopped into a virtual world on top of a roof where crows are flying around wildly… and then, it happens. The rappers spot a baby bulldog at the end of a wooden ledge. Almost like by instinct they attempt to walk across the ledge to pick up the puppy.

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